TUESDAY, September 16th, 2008


Our printer was acting out. The computer didn't seem (wouldn't seem?) to recognize it!!!


I tried to connect the printer to another computer of us, but no such luck. However, since even the second computer didn't go all 'new hardware detected', I assumed that the one at fault was the cable. I mean, the printer's working. Everytime I turned it on, it made its usual whirring sound, and it didn't flash any orange lights, which was always a good thing, LoL


So I dug out our old printer's cable. Well, the current one is Canon iX4000 and the old one is Canon i320, but you know, the cable could be the exact same thing. I don't know, really. Reading from the writing on the cable (heck, what do I know about cables???), the iX4000 one uses 30 [degree] C 30V while the i320 one uses 60 [degree] C 30V. What's that supposed to mean???


Anyway, I told my Dad about it, and he suggested to just plug the i320's cable, but I hesitated, because, hey, it's electronic stuff, and one small mistake can make you ended up with smoking hardware (and a screaming me - and maybe my sister and mother too). When I told him my hesitation, he told me to go to a computer store to check the iX4000's cable out.


So I obliged.


'Coz I just brought the cable only, the technician at the store couldn't do much. He said that currently they didn't have any printers to be fixed for at the store, so he couldn't test it out. Well, then Mom asked how much is the cable only, and it turned out to be pretty cheap, but the owner of the store said that, well, he would be glad to sell us the cable, but without knowing exactly what the problem was, it would be kinda silly to do so. Seriously, the people there were such nice people! I mean, the technician's manner was good (you know, many technicians here were just plain rude), the owner was kind as you can tell, and even there's this one other customer there who kindly informed us, "Why don't you try re-installing the printer driver first? Let's see what happens." because they all agreed that the chance for the cable to be the culprit of the problem was so slim.


Once I got home, I did what they said. I re-installed it. But NO SUCH LUCK. The computer still wouldn't recognize the printer, and I almost cursed out of frustration right then and there. After re-installed it twice and wasted, like, half an hour, I then decided something: I would just unplug the iX4000's cable then plug the i320's one instead. The hell with different spec, I really didn't care anymore at that point.


So I shut down the computer (again), turned off the printer (again), switched the cable, turned everything on (again!!!), and tried, all over again.


But it worked this time!!!


Now, it's me, all happy and smiley... =)




THURSDAY, September 11th, 2008


I can't believe it's been seven years since that day...


Anyway, do you know what's one story that can make me utter various kinds of curse words more than what I do in other situation in, like, these five years or something?


The right answer is X/1999 manga by CLAMP.


Guh, seriously. This manga is sick, so sick! I mean, it is very graphic, yes, and not for the faint of heart (at least, not for those who shudder at the mere drawing of blood spluttered from various places of someone's body). But I think that's a rather minor side of its sickness.


[spoilers alert from here on]


I think what makes X/1999 so damn sick is its characters. Full of emo and angsty and sick (hm, naturally) people.


Kamui is the protagonist. Now, I don't read that much manga, but I can tell that he is so damn pretty for a boy and the fact that you can find him cries a lot (yep, with tears rolling down his cheek, really cries) and can be seen involved in *ahem* intimate gestures with other boys (well, maybe just two: Fuuma and Subaru, but still, and it doesn't help that Subaru himself is so damn a pretty boy himself) is totally saying something. But that's not the sickest part about him, instead I'd say that he's pretty much average for a manga protagonist. What makes him so emo, you may ask? Well, that's because he's torn between the ultimate decision regarding the fate of Earth: to become the savior (one of the "Dragons of Heaven") or to be the destroyer (one of the "Dragons of Earth"). When finally he chooses his own destiny that is to protect Earth, his decision causes the love of his life, Fuuma's sister Kotori (well, personally I have this feeling that actually the true love of his life - or at least, another true love of his life - is Fuuma himself, and since it's CLAMP's work, I think my opinion can be justified) to be killed by none other than... Fuuma himself! Now you see why he is so emo, how can you not be?


Fuuma is the antagonist (um, not totally sure since with CLAMP, the antagonist can become protagonist in the end and vice versa). Like I've written above, he kills his own sister. He becomes one of the seven "Dragons of Earth", the destroyer, and he sickly likes to tease Kamui whenever he meets him in battles by saying that he likes to "play with" Kamui. Of course, Fuuma's definition of "play" is to break Kamui's bones and splutter his blood all over the place. See, sick, huh?


Well, these next two, IMO, is the most sickest of them all. But - perhaps it's right for you to start shuddering now - I think the two of them are the most interesting lovers I've come across up until now. Why? Cause....


Subaru is one of the "Dragons of Heaven". He's an Onmyōji, and his early story is told in Tokyo Babylon, another manga by CLAMP that also serves as X's prequel. Now, this is me recapping Tokyo Babylon's story. As the head of Sumeragi's clan, Subaru possesses great power, but he's also a very troubled young man since he worries too much and he takes others' pains as his own. When he's still nine years old, he encounters a mysterious man. Subaru witnesses this man kills a child It turns out that he is the Sakurazukamori, the legendary assassin that is raised incapable to love or to hate (in other words: raised to be the most effective killing machine). The assassin, upon seeing that Subaru witnessing it, turns to him then say, "I'll make a bet with you. When, in the future I see you again, I'll live close to you for one year. I'll protect you. I'll say 'I love you' over and over again. If then you become 'someone' I care even for slightest bit, I'll let you live. If not, then I'll kill you. But not today. Today, I'll let you go." I forget what triggers the assassin to say so, and I paraphrase here, but that's pretty much what's going on.


Seishiro. In Tokyo Babylon, it's his habit to say, "But I love you, Subaru-kun" or "It doesn't matter, doing this makes me happy because that's what a man happily does for his fiancee" or something along those lines. Now, you've guessed who he truly is, haven't you? Of course, Seishiro turns out to be the Sakurazukamori himself, the assassin. At the end of the Tokyo Babylon, he says to Subaru (I'm paraphrasing again here), "I'm sorry. I've said 'I love you' over and over again, but after the year has passed, I still not feel anything for you in my heart. Therefore, I will resume my original intention that is to kill you." Seishiro also kills Subaru's twin sister, Hokuto. Of course, Subaru has fallen in love with Seishiro (though most of the time he denies this) and to hear that the person you love the most wants to kill you is not something you want to hear ever, right? Not to mention having your twin sister killed by the same man. That's how fucked up their relationship is. In X/1999, they meet again. Of course, Seishiro is one of the "Dragons of Earth", and both meet several times in battles, and finally, on this battle on "something" bridge, their true wishes are revealed. Subaru's true wish isn't to kill Seishiro out of revenge to what the assassin previously has done to Hokuto, but rather to die in Seishiro's hands, as he knows that he is nothing to Seishiro, but Subaru still hopes that when Seishiro finally kills Subaru, then Subaru can finally means something, even though as another of Seishiro's victims. SICK with capital words, right? But even sicker is this: Hokuto casts a curse on Seishiro, so that if ever Seishiro tries to kill Subaru like he has done to Hokuto in the same way, the position will be reversed and instead it'll be the end of Seishiro himself. Fully knowing this, Seishiro still strikes his blow to Subaru, aware that it means his suicide. It turns out that Seishiro's wish is to be killed by 'the one he love the most', and as he dies in Subaru's hand - and embrace - it means that Seishiro also considers Subaru as his most important person.


[end of spoilers]


SICK, SICK, SICK! Such the ultimate tragedy!!!


Uh, my hand is tired from typing. Anyway, all in all, now you can see how sick and twisted Tokyo Babylon and X are. But - okay, you can gasp in horror - it's the sickness that makes me intrigued and kept turning the page until the latest released chapter. Huh, what does that make me, you ask?


Well, see this from my point of view. I've read many books and watch many movies (who hasn't? LoL), and I'm kinda tired of the same pattern I find in most of those stories. In recent times, so few original ideas left, so you see why I long for something new to read. Stumbled upon these two series, I have to say that I found something new. The main characters are literally torn apart: they are meant to be broken, because they love someone who's destined to kill them. It's the true meaning of 'one can't live with another' prophecy like in Harry Potter, but instead of eternal enemies like Harry and Voldy, in X and Tokyo Babylon, these two main characters actually love one another in their deepest heart.


So, okay, yeah, it's sick. It's so damn sick and it's disturbing in some ways, and it's also extremely sad, but as an enjoyer of good stories, I like it in a twisted way. Perhaps I do have my own darkness, LoL.


Oh, and just to put this out there: I like Subaru and Kamui better as the vampires in Tsubasa: RC. Yeap, definitely. Subaru + Kamui as vampire twins is made of win! =)


See? I'm still normal. Kind of. *grins*




WEDNESDAY, September 10th, 2008


New semester has started. And already I crave for some more holiday. Xp


Speaking of September 10... Hellboy II: Golden Army is playing now on theaters near you!! LoL, does that sound like an advertising or something? Uh, want to watch it, but I guess I have to wait until, heh, I don't know, Saturday? Eeek!!




FRIDAY, September 5th, 2008


I don't have anything exciting to tell, honestly. At this stage of my holiday, I'm just staying home, reading something, watching something, helping doing housework (since we have no maid now) and mostly at loss to what should I do. I've said before that I want to bake some cupcakes, but I don't know, I think I'm too lazy to drag myself to the kitchen to make it.


WHITISH! I know now when my Christmas and New Year holiday will be. It'll be started on December 23 (well, December 24 originally, but since on Tuesdays I have the day off...) and ended on January 4th, 2009. It's only for thirteen days - ten days without counting Sundays and my day off!! Uhhh... But it's to be expected, I guess, since in late September I've got the Idul Fitri holiday as well. Do you have Idul Fitri holiday?


I'm currently reading Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHOLiC at the same time. Yep, they're both are CLAMP's manga, and since their stories intertwine each other, I decided to read them both. I have to say, the reason I read them in the first place is because Syaoran (from Card Captor Sakura) is one of my favorite manga characters, and because he is once again featured in Tsubasa as the protagonist, heh, I'm there! I can't help but to fall in love with CLAMP's artwork once again. Even though in my future field, graphic design, manga is considered a really bad influence, I'm already hooked. Their attention to details is extraordinary! The complex pattern is so much love, and anyway, I'm a sucker for stories with twists (and Tsubasa is nothing but stories with twists on every turn), so it's really no surprise why I love them so much.


Other than that, I'm also reading Vampire Knight by Hino Matsuri too. =)


Oh, yeah, I know that November is still, like, in two months time, but I can't wait to participate in NaNoWriMo 2008! I've signed up, LoL.




FRIDAY, September 5th, 2008


One word: FINALLY. There's always something wrong with this layout, but fortunately, instead of giving into frustration, I kept my ground, tweaking here and there, hoping it'd be better, somehow. Well, in the end, the final result isn't that satisfactory (damn me the perfectionist), but it's close to what I originally want, so I'm just gonna leave it at that. (Besides, the picture of cupcakes is so pretty, any bad mood is gone when I look at it!)


I think the fact that I could finish this layout in a two days time has something to do with me going back to school university in Sept. 8. Heh. It's like my subsconscious knows that I'd probably have no time (read: prefer to watch a movie/tv show or read a book or surf the internet instead) once the semester started.


Speaking of the texts...

BAKED GOODS Well, it's kinda obvious.

I'll let you know when the time and space bent, and then we'll fall in This one is from Yellowcard's song: You and Me and One Spotlight. I'm just obsessed with the song right now, so even though it has nothing to do with the cupcakes, I tried to put it in. Therefore, YOU, ME and the BLUE CUPCAKES are added. Yeah, well, it makes little sense, but who cares, right? What I'm trying to say is, when the time and space bent (hm, reminds me of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle or Interworld), there probably just strange-colored cupcakes to be eat. There might be no rice, no bread, no carbohydrates, just cupcakes!!!!


Far-fetched, I know. *embarassed* Move on, please.




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